Monday, 2 March 2009

This is the view from my back door, from my kitchen window.
The Sugarloaf.
Each day bringing another sky, another wonder to fill my heart. So many days spent here at this window, on this doorstep. In summer, a sunny corner of scented flowers, creeping green. Generous lush rushes lean and sway and whisper. In autumn late blooming roses fill the evening with perfume, which greets us like a friendly melancholy ghost, wrapping around us, seducing us, inviting us to stay awhile. In winter, a sudden gift of light to gladden your heart. A heron against a stark winter sky. And in spring the birds return. Along with the green.
And you love this place. It is filled with such ghosts and echoes of other lives. The garden breathes the faint memory of long-ago children. A lingering sensation of hidden joy.
Come follow us. Share our blessings.
One year.

Ciara Brehony,
Co. Wicklow, Ireland.